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Dingley Dell Enterprises Ltd was founded in 1999 to manufacture and market products

developed and designed by the Managing Director, Jay Emery. Dingley Dell Enterprises is

a UK manufacturer, creating the ultimate designed products combining the highest quality

with long-lasting durability at an affordable price.

The Dingley Dell product portfolio currently comprises of The Bushman Burner range of garden heaters and barbeques, a range of The Bushman Wood Fired Ovens for the home, commercial and mobile marketplace. Also available are a selection of African Architecture Pots and an African Pot House, a giant pot that works like a gazebo. In 2010 Jay launched the Dome Home, the ultimate outdoor room and Jay has the vision to develop these Dome Homes further to help solve housing problems in third world countries and provide sustainable shelter quickly in disaster areas.


In 1999 Jay’s wife purchased a Mexican Chiminea for his birthday to use in the garden as a garden heater. After a couple of pleasant English summer evenings with extra warmth, the Chiminea began to crack to the point that the bottom of the Chiminea fell out and became unusable. Jay was extremely disappointed but quickly realised that in South America, where these Chimineas are widely used, it seldom rains and the likelihood of frost is remote, so the ovens in South Africa rarely cracked or broke up.

After much thought, Jay appreciated that the basic concept was great but the UK needed authentic garden heaters designed specifically to endure the UK climate. The heaters must also be capable of burning all solid fuels such as soft and hard woods and be able to handle smokeless fuels for those living in smoke-controlled areas.

Jay then set about creating his own garden heater loosely based on the concept of the Mexican Chiminea but a Chiminea that would withstand a UK climate. After extensive research and many hours of trials and prototypes, Jay launched The Bushman Burner range of garden heaters and barbecues and Dingley Dell Enterprises began.

The Bushman Burner Garden Heater

The Bushman Burner garden heaters are built specifically to withstand the typical English

weather and they can be left outside all year round in all weathers. The Bushman Burners are individually handmade from a blend of industrial fire clays that are designed to withstand temperatures in excess of 1200 degrees and they are reinforced with a wire mesh holding them together preventing cracking. These heaters are the only range of garden-heating appliances to be endorsed by Coalite, Britain's best-selling smokeless coal, and CPL Industries - manufacturers and distributors of Home-fire Smokeless Coal.

The African Pot House

Using the technology and materials Jay had mastered from building The Bushman garden heaters, Jay developed his architectural pots and the African Pot House. He discovered the beauty of glass fibre-reinforced concrete, which is light, strong and eco-friendly as it contains 80 per cent less concrete than most structures. These grand pot houses are the ultimate outdoor room with heated walls and enough room for a dinner party.

The Dome Home

The Dome Home is logical progression from the Pot House. It is much bigger, with good

insulation and can be used in all weathers. The roundness of the Dome gives it incredible

strength and it is extremely comfortable.

The inspiration for the Dome home came from Jay’s African childhood, but the versatility of

the design hit him while he was on a trip to Thailand. ‘I was staying in a hotel there and saw the adobe huts were not standing up to the tropical climate and I knew that my glass-reinforced

concrete would.’ Jay has a long-term plan to develop the Domes so they can be used to help solve housing problems in Third World countries and provide shelter quickly in disaster areas.

Meanwhile, he is developing a dinky version, big enough for a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, which would work as an eco-friendly caravan substitute. The first Dome Home has been built at Bishop’s Wood environmental center near Stourport-on-Severn with the help of a Proof of Concept grant from the regional development agency, Advantage West Midlands.

The Bushman Wood Fired Ovens

Pioneering the Wood Fired Oven movement in the UK, Jay put his first wood fired oven onto a mobile trailer in 2000 and attended a local festival selling wood fired pizzas. Since then he has attended many events and festivals around the country perfecting the art of cooking on a wood fired oven and building the best wood fired ovens in the UK. In 2007 Jamie Oliver launched a cooking programme which involved cooking on wood fired ovens. Jamie’s passion and enthusiasm for cooking on these ovens generated an explosion of interest in this style of cooking. With Jay’s wealth of experience and knowledge of wood fired ovens he has developed a superior UK made range of Wood Fired Ovens for the home, commercial and mobile marketplace. The Bushman Wood Fired Ovens can now be found throughout the UK and internationally everywhere from private gardens to top London restaurants. You will regularly spot a mobile The Bushman Wood Fired Oven at popular festivals around the country.

In 2008 The Bushman range of wood fired ovens were tested to comply with the smoke control regulations. They are the only UK made Wood Fired Ovens exempt under the smoke control act 2012.

Dingley Dell Enterprises is continuing to expand its product range whilst maintaining its core values of quality, rustic, robust and reliable products that are made in the UK.

Dingley Dell Enterprises aim is to enhance the outdoor experience which is rapidly becoming a way of life in the UK today.

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