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Who are they 
Please be accurate and check only the boxes that are relevant.
What are they inquiring about ?
Please be accurate and check only the boxes that are relevant.
A wood fired oven that someone wants to put into their garden at home
A wood fired  or wood  gas combination oven that someone wants to put into a restaurant or pub garden
Someone wanting information on starting a mobile wood fired pizza business where they will put a wood fired pizza oven into a catering trailer or a vehicle like a Mercedes sprinter,ford transit Citroen h van amongst others
Someone who wants to sell our products to other people
The ultimate wood fired garden heaters a bit like the Mexican ChimIneas only loads better
Dome garden offices or low cost housing solutions for the third world
These are usually things like fire grates for our ovens ,thermometers or peels for cooking pizzas
Caller is interested in getting us to cater at an event that they are organizing or hosting
Email important info
If they are a new customer I would love to send some valuable  information please get email address so that this can be sent to them if you have not yet got it
Call back time
Jay is able to return calls before 10am or between 5pm-8 30pm
Posted information
Often customers want us to put info in the post to them if this is the case please get the following information
Lastly any other information that is relevant to this caller .
Info for PA 
Who's Who in the zoo
Who's Who in the zoo

Jay Emery is the managing director, the oven maker and the guy that almost everyone wants to or needs to talk too.

I do call everyone back but usualy before 10am or after hrs

Mondays i'm usualy in seminars all day helping people set up bussinesses 

Tuesdays i'm in the factory up to my elbows in concrete

Wednesdays i'm installing ovens

Thursdays i'm out of the office on customer training days

Fridays i'm out catering at an event.


Below some examples of products .

A Domestic garden oven

A commercial resturant oven

An example of a Mobile Oven in a trailer

The Dome Home

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